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In a follow on from the previous post, here are just two examples of horses too intelligent for their own good. Imagine trying to keep these guys safe and sound? Need I mention that this is not a great trick to teach your horse?!

Horse opens stall door

Horse opens gate


That brings back memories - as a child there was a horse that we never knew where we would find him in the morning - he may be paddocks away, having opened various gates during the night...

Your blog always brings a smile to my dial, and I believe you consistently want what is best for the horse. As such, I have named you for an award - you can collect it at

Keep up the great work. ; )

11:40 AM  

great blog .It done a very interesting
job.YOU give a great ideas that what is best for the horse.My uncle has a farm house and i will share your ideas with him.thanks for sharing.

9:54 AM  

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